Anders Pink

The Anders Pink team has been in Learning technology for a long time. We've designed and built digital learning courses, blended programmes, Learning Management Systems and grown successful businesses including Kineo, now a leader in the global learning market.

We are passionate about helping learners and their organisations to stay smarter every day. We started Anders Pink because we believed there was a better way to help people to continuously learn: look beyond the formal, unchanging course, and access the most relevant content from millions of site and sources on the web.

Sure - you can do that on your own. But it isn't easy. Manual curation is a slow, painful, hit-and-miss activity: scouring the web, tracking thousands of sites, wasting time looking at the wrong stuff, copying and pasting into the LMS, or slack channel or onto social networks, falling out of the habit and behind on trending content that matters. Sound familiar? It does to us and it wasn't working.

So we built Anders Pink for ourselves first and foremost - we wanted to find a better way to stay on top of the content, sites and sources we learned the most from and curate from them, without having to check them all every day. That's what we do for you: Bring in the best of the web, tailored to your teams' needs, updating every day, inside the tools and platforms you already use. We are here to fix that, with fresh, integrated, updating content, every few hours. Powerful algorithms and teams working together to keep everyone smarter every day.