Business Smarts

Business smarts are the behaviours that set L&D professionals apart. These behaviours differentiate highly successful L&D professionals from others and demonstrates a high level of business acumen relating their learning solutions over and above technical skills such as program design, delivery methodology or learning transfer.

3 Capabilities

9 Behaviours

Courageous Consulting

Manages stakeholder relationships to influence successful outcomes and ensure expectations are met

Provides frank and honest feedback to stakeholders in regard to learning needs and solutions

Shows initiative and works through challenging issues and offers professional opinion to achieve successful outcomes

Gains the trust of others by providing information and advice in a professional and credible manner

Marketing & Communications

Identifies the best marketing methods and timelines to promote the learning initiative and the benefits to the various stakeholders.

Ability to present and convey information in a confident, clear and interesting way, in a manner appropriate to the target audience

Monitors stakeholders needs and provides clearly defined marketing solutions

Contributes to, and monitors the development of tactical marketing campaigns

Finance & Budgeting

Budget savvy, with an understanding of the costs of your programs; break even costs and your real cost of service.

Demonstrates some commercial acumen through, planning and budgeting

Understands and monitors the cost benefit between the learning investment and outcomes (e.g. improved performance of learners)

Communicates and monitors the commercial aspect of projects to relevant stakeholders