What is a Certified Learning Organisation (CLO)?

A learning organisation demonstrates learning principles and practices through its leadership, thinking and behaviours to achieve optimal performance outcomes.

The Certified Learning Organisation (CLO) is a world-first learning and performance benchmark for organisations, who make learning central to the corporate culture, and develop a thirst for learning amongst their people because they know learning is an ongoing process, and that solutions to ongoing work-related problems are available inside each and every person. So they create work environments with flowing channels of wisdom and knowledge, that enable creative thought, behaviour and innovative development solutions to on-going and emerging work-related problems identified by its’ people, both inside and out.

Applicants undergo an organisational wide assessment of learning culture and practices against the CLO Framework, facilitated by authorised Certified Learning Consultant.

CLO Certification

This benchmark was introduced to:

  • Establish an industry-wide recognised standard of excellence
  • Reinforce the value of a Learning Organisation with both principles and practice
  • Ensure organisational learning and development continues to improve the organisations people, processes and practices
  • Enhance the credibility of the organisation in the marketplace by recognising ts leadership, thinking and behaviours to achieve optimal performance outcomes

Achieving this benchmark provides an industry-wide recognised standard of excellence to stand out with clients, existing and potential employees, and learners.

To be eligible for the CLO, organisations typically should have:

  • Existing learning processes and practices
  • Recognised learning and development professional/s in-house or contracted
  • Readily accessible departments or people within the organisation who can participate in the CLO assessment
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development and learning culture across the organisation

Application Process


We want all potential Certified Learning Organisations to decide if the CLO is the right option for them.


Complete the CLO Lite Assessment, then the application form.


Once the application is approved, applicants will be provided with a dedicated CLC who will facilitate the additional information relating to the practical assessment.


The practical assessment component involves a multi-rater questionnaire, validation interview and demonstration of performance, as well as follow up accountability and progress checks

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Initial & Ongoing Recognition

  • To initially achieve CLO status, and organisation must receive a minimum 25th percentile rating to be recognised as a CLO.
  • To maintain CLO Status, organisations must enter into an organisational plan with a CLC each year, outlining their development activities over the subsequent 12-months.
  • Organisations can undertake the CLO process on an annual basis.
  • Maintaining >75th percentile for more than 12mths will be recognised
  • In addition to the CLO assessment, Certified Learning Consultants need to submit one testimonial from the organisation confirming how the CLC and CLO have made a positive impact on learning for their organisation.