Certified Virtual Facilitator - badge

We want to help you stand out as a virtual facilitator.

This certification focuses on acknowledging good facilitators who deliver quality online learning experiences.  As the focus is on their online capability, this certification is for experienced learning and development professionals who have already demonstrated their exceptional face-to-face facilitation skills (e.g. Certified Learning Facilitator – CLFs) or facilitators who can provide evidence.

How do you become certified?

The certification process involves an online assessment which will take approximately 30 minutes or less.

Our assessor will be looking at the following areas:

  • Your online presence in front of the camera
  • Your audio and video settings
  • Your background is professional with no distractions
  • Any background noise distractions
  • Plan Bs for technical issues
  • Your internet connection and speed
  • Learner engagement activities
  • Use of online tools (e.g. breakout rooms, whiteboards, etc)

How much does the Certification cost?

$97AUD for Certified Learning Facilitators $175 for all others (as we need to review evidence of facilitation skills)

Certified Learning Facilitators (previously Certified Learning Professional) have shown they are committed to their ongoing development, achieved great results from learning initiatives and have demonstrated their exceptional facilitation skills.

Are you ready?

Step 1

Register for your certification

Step 2

Schedule your certification assessment

Step 3

Get Certified

Once you have your Virtual Facilitator Certification has been approved by your assessor, you will be issued with your digital badge which you can proudly display on your website, social media profiles and marketing materials.

Certification Maintenance


Your certification is valid for a period of three years. After this time, you will need to go through a similar certification process to continue displaying your CVF digital badge.

Certification Process

So, what will your assessor be looking for?

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Digital Badge


Once certified you can display your digital badge on any promotional materials, your website and social media platforms.

Display with pride, as it shows existing and potential clients (or employers) that you can deliver high-quality online learning experiences, free from technical issues or background distractions.

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