Design & Develop

Design & Develop

This dimension is critical for the success of any learning program, and the behaviours outline the key aspects of any learning program; from understanding the context and style of delivery that suits your stakeholders to designing the content to meet the learning objectives and goals.

3 Capabilities

9 Behaviours

Design Learning Solutions

Apply appropriate design techniques and methodologies to create effective solutions to address learning needs and meet stakeholders' expectations.

Monitors design direction and undertakes questioning to better understand the content required for the learning solution

Monitors learning needs of individuals and organisation, tailoring the learning solution before, during and after the learning event

Monitors the effective use of different delivery methods and how these can be used when designing learning solutions

Develop Learning Pathways

Develop effective learning pathways that are enjoyable and ensure the learners are engaged to achieve learning goals and successful outcomes.

Provides stakeholders with a range of learning activities to achieve desired outcomes

Monitors the latest technology developments to enhance the learning outcomes

Utilises and monitors a range of methodologies to enhance learning solutions and outcomes

Develop Learning Materials

Develop effective learning materials for the delivery method that are appropriate, engaging and accessible for all learners.

Monitors and structures content into appropriate Communication methods to ensure clarity

Develops and incorporates learning materials utilising a mix of delivery and multiple learning materials

Designs and monitors various methods to assess learners’ comprehension of content throughout the learning process