Build Your Tribes to Boost Your Business or Advance Your Career

5:30pm Tuesday, 4 May 2021
7:30pm Tuesday, 4 May 2021
ILP - Brisbane Business Centre
17 Gould St
Herston, Queensland 4006

As always with ILP face to face meetups, the evening will start with informal networking including drinks and snacks, followed by a 6:00 pm start with the main focus for the evening.

To start 2021 post covid, we want to explore an important topic for success the years ahead to all our members. So in both Brisbane and Melbourne we will explore:

How to Build or Rebuild Our Tribes in 2021 and Beyond for your Best Years Ever.

What this last year has shown us is just how quickly we can become disconnected with family, friends, and colleagues. Essentially, we may feel we have lost our connections, our tribes.

In reality, many of us have found or created a whole new group of  Tribes, that have become important to us. BUT what do we need to do to really create reliable and sustainable tribes that help us pursue our passions, teach us new things, and build our businesses and careers?

We have guest presenters skilled in creating loyal tribes that regularly meet over face to face, as well as those that create online tribes. And in these meetups you will able to meet and work with them/

So be sure to get to these meetups if you are in Brisbane or Melbourne.

NOTE:   Restarting F2F meetups is important to ILP's purpose, so Bill will again be in Brisbane for this one, and Kerry will be at our first Melbourne ILP meetup.

5:30pm for a 6:00pm start to 7:30 followed by informal networking.

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