L&D Capability Showcase

9:00am Tuesday, 24 November 2020
5:00pm Thursday, 26 November 2020

Focused on ILP’s L&D Capability Framework https://www.apilp.org/capability-framework this event is providing a learning experience for L&D professionals on each of the six dimensions and 18 capabilities identified by the research undertaken by ILP over 2 years. 

During the 3 days, your mentors (20 L&D experts) will explore the 18 L&D capabilities and provide practical advice, hints and tips, guides to resources which will build your capability and knowledge to take you to the next level in your L&D career which will ultimately support you in the rapidly changing global environment.

Each session will be 40 minutes – 20 minutes with your mentor covering the capability and 20 minutes of Q&A.

PLEASE NOTE:  FOR INFORMATION AND TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT PLEASE GO TO :  https://ld-capability-showcase.heysummit.com/



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