Execute & Deliver

This dimension relates to the tactical elements of delivering and executing learning activities or programs. Developing and implementing structured project and communication plans, ensuring stakeholders and learners are prepared, and creating the right environment to maximise learning.

3 Capabilities

9 Behaviours

Delivery & Learner Preparation

Ensuring that you are prepared, aware of what is available at the venue, collateral is organised, Plan B is thought through and you have all that you need to successfully carry out the learning.

Reviews and prepares materials, session plans and creates backup activities and resources to support the delivery of the workshop

Confirms details with learners and stakeholders in advance, reaffirming program goals, value and logistics (preparation, timing etc)

Considers how the learners’ mindset plays a role but focuses on learning program in isolation of the work environment

Manage Learner Engagement

Manage the total learning environment, including self and logistics related to the event. You are flexible and able to adjust program to suit the environment.

Checks the learning environment for any factors that will impact learning or safety, and takes corrective action

Monitors learners to identify anxiety, sensitivity, energy levels and (dis)engagement, and handles disruptive behaviour

Monitors and responds to potential risks, considering options for different approaches to achieving learning outcomes

Facilitate Learning

Facilitates the learning process using a range to techniques to keep the learners on track and ensure the desired results and outcomes are achieved.

Projects a presence of self-assurance and confidence that enhances learning processes and experiences

Uses facilitation techniques to utilise learners’ prior experience to introduce new concepts and applications

Monitors and assesses learner progress to provide timely feedback