What is the difference between a “Virtual Member” and a “Professional Member” membership?

A Virtual Member is available to learning and development professionals globally who want access to restricted areas of ILP. Virtual Members need to be currently employed as an LD professional or undertaking studying an industry related course. This membership type is FREE to join.
To become a Professional Member, you will need to have a relevant undergraduate or ILP recognised learning and development qualifications, and CV demonstrating relevant experience.
Please note, only Professional Members and Fellows have access to our PI and PL insurance benefit.

What membership level do I need to join at to access ILP’s professional indemnity & public liability insurance benefit?

This great premium package for $10M Public Liability and $5M Public Indemnity insurance is only available to Professional Members and Fellows.

What are alternative qualifications, ILP accepts if I do not have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE)?

We will accept any relevant Certificate IV qualifications for learning and development professionals (e.g. Facilitation, Coaching, Instructional Design) or evidence of any formal training program that is more than 30 hours.
If you have no formal qualifications we will need a written reference from an employer or client, confirming your professionalism and skills as a learning and development professional.

I am only part way through my Certificate IV in TAE, can I still join?

Yes, please provide evidence on what subjects you have completed to date from the organisation providing the Certificate IV in TAE, and send through your certificate for our records upon completion.

Please note, you will need to have completed a minimum of 30% of this qualification or similar qualification.

I have been training for over 10 years, but have no formal qualifications, can I still become a member?

Yes, if you can provide two references from employers or clients who you have either designed or delivered a learning event for, and stating what service/program you provided and the results achieved.

Can I send my evidence documents separately (via email or mail) as I need to scan first?

Yes, we can process with processing your membership application and send you documents afterwards. We will finalise your application upon receipt of your documents.

I want to join as a fellow, but cannot provide all my required documentation now, what should I do?

You can join as a Professional Member, and then upgrade (pro rata rate) when you can provide the necessary evidence for Fellow level.