ILP is raising the industry standard for learning and development professionals in Asia Pacific. We believe that learning and development professionals that truly value how they design and/or deliver learning experiences and the outcomes they achieve should be recognised.

The L&D professionals who have achieved this level of recognition and have demonstrated experience and results are more in demand and earning the most for their expertise.

Setting the Standards

Through our research and consultations with members, the wider L&D community and organisations, ILP is setting new standards within the L&D industry. We want to recognise and acknowledge capability levels and achievements through our Certifications to distinguish good practices.

ILP’s Capability Framework outlines the capabilities (knowledge, skills and experience) that L&D professionals should demonstrate at various levels.

Stand out from the crowd

By achieving a L&D Certification, it demonstrates your level of expertise and ongoing commitment to your profession. ILP has six certifications available to help you or your organisation stand out:

  • CLF

    Certified Learning Facilitator (CLF)

    A highly experienced facilitator committed to their ongoing development, achieves great results from learning initiatives and demonstrates exceptional facilitation skills

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  • CLD

    Certified Virtual Facilitor (CVF)

    For CLFs who are highly experienced in effectively utilising the right equipment and creating a professional environment to facilitate an engaging online session.

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  • CLD

    Certified Learning Designer (CLD)

    A highly experienced instructional designer who provides evidence of designing, developing and supporting learning initiatives to meet stakeholder expectations

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  • CLS

    Certified Learning Solution (CLS)

    A learning solution that has met all stakeholder expectations, embraces a variety of learning methodologies and achieves the desired results.

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  • CLC

    Certified Learning Consultant (CLC)

    A highly experienced internal or external consultant who influences the learning culture and strategies to achieve desired organisational outcomes

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  • CLO

    Certified Learning Organisation (CLO)

    A learning organisation demonstrates learning principles and practices through its leadership, thinking and behaviours to achieve optimal performance outcomes

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The role of learning and development professionals has grown significantly over the last ten years as a result of new methodologies, technologies and expectations from clients and stakeholders.

The ILP Learning and Development Capability Model© outlines what capabilities learning and development professionals require for long-term success within their profession and industry. The model has been designed to be relevant and applicable to all learning and development professionals accountable for the design, delivery and implementation of learning initiatives for their clients or organisations.

Assess Your Capabilities