The ILP Learning and Development Capability Framework outlines what capabilities L&D professionals require for long-term success. It has been designed to be relevant and applicable to all learning and development professionals accountable for the design, delivery and implementation of learning initiatives for their clients or organisations.

The institute recognises that the learning and development profession is changing, with a move from traditional learning methodologies to innovative ways to design not just programs but learning pathways to engage learners and achieve the desired outcomes.

The Framework includes the six dimensions which, experience and research have shown, are critical for success as a learning and development professional. Each dimension includes three supporting capabilities with behavioural elements mapped across four levels of experience or capability.

Learning & Development Capability ModelĀ©

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A festival of events celebrating the importance learning and development professionals play in improving the performance of individuals and organisations.

An initiative of the Institute of Learning & Performance (ILP) with support from the broader Learning and Development (L&D) community.

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