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The World Has Shifted Are You Ready For 2021?

The ILP L&D Capability Development Showcase is your opportunity to prepare yourself for what still remains an uncertain future

2020 is the year that no-one expected and it has decimated our industry, as well as changed forever the expectations of corporations and clients when it comes to required outcomes for L&D activities and programs.

Whilst Virtual Learning has exploded in the last six months, there is still a massive pent up demand for effective L&D initiatives which is promising to make 2021 a bumper year for those that are well prepared and positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that are bound to present themselves.

The ILP L&D Capability Development Showcase, to be held over three action packed days – November 24-26 – is shaping up to be the most important EVENT for L&D professionals in 2020. No matter what else you’ve attended this year, no matter how busy you are, this is a MUST ATTEND EVENT - if you are serious about building your learning and performance capabilities for 2021 and beyond.

6 Capability Dimensions

up to 22 CPD Points

Network with our Mentors & Peers

Practical Sessions, Takeaways & Free Resources

Benefits Of Participation

We know that your time is valuable – you need to make sure that you spend it wisely. So, here’s what you can expect to get from attending this action-packed event:

  • Practical sessions delivered by seasoned professionals with valuable takeaways
  • CPD Points – total / up to 22 hours
  • Top up learning in all capability areas needed by L&D professionals to be successful
  • Free resources (about 12 at least)
  • Access to all session Mentors through live Q&A sessions
  • Demonstrated competitive advantage
  • Reinforce your professional standing

Join with other like-minded professionals, engage in practical sessions and interactive Q&A discussions - all from the comfort of your own home or office. Then, download the provided support resources to extend the value of your participation even further!

Participation in this event will enable you to be better prepared for whatever 2021 throws at you


Program Schedule

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

L&D Capability Framework

Framework Model

This event provides a learning experience for L&D professionals based on the L&D Capability Framework – developed as a result of research undertaken by ILP over 2 years. You can find out more about the framework HERE

Learning & development Capability Framework

The role of learning and development professionals is changing significantly, with a move from traditional learning methodologies to innovative ways to design not just programs but learning pathways to engage learners and achieve the desired outcomes. The ILP framework covers the behaviours that L&D professionals require for long-term success within their profession and industry.

Explore the Framework

Connect & Learn!

Whether you are relatively new to the L&D industry or an experienced expert; whether you are designer, facilitator, coach, or assessor; working independently or in an organisation, there will be something for you.

Your mentors will provide you with advice, guides to resources, hints, and tips to move up the experience range of each of the 18 L&D Capabilities. And if you are already at the Expert level in all 18 capabilities you will almost certainly gain some insights to staying there in a rapidly changing global environment.

November 24 – 26 2020 (9:00am-5:00pm AEDT)

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