We are very excited that later this year, together with our UK partner, the Learning & Performance Institute, we will be introducing an unmissable experience for learning leaders.

What makes Learning LIVE unique?

It’s exclusively for learning leaders, with an agenda custom-built by the attendees. LEARNING LIVE doesn’t just describe the current challenges in L&D, it gives you practical solutions to use in your workplace.

  • Crowdsourced Agenda

    All sessions and topics are determined by our delegates. You tell us your challenges; we bring in the experts and practitioners who have the answers you need.

  • Practical and Fun

    Our speakers won’t lecture you with theory. Instead they’ll facilitate group-working and interaction as you explore the topic at hand.

  • Dedicated Networkng

    There will be dedicated networking breaks held at regular intervals. And everyone is in a similar role, so the conversation is always relevant.

  • Free to Attend

    L&D budgets are often tight, so that’s why we’ve made LEARNING LIVE completely free to attend.

See the amazing feedback from attendees of the UK Learning LIVE EVENTS


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