Who are ILP's National Advisors?

Members of our National Advisor Group are invited each year to support ILP in making a positive impact on the learning and development industry and achieving our goals.

The group is made up of highly successful professionals and industry experts.

Dennis Hall

Dennis has over 20 years experience as a conference speaker, trainer and skills coach as well as an extensive management background of over 20 years in the private sector. He is highly regarded for his ability to turn complex topics into simple take-aways. He is also a competent practitioner of internet marketing disciplines. With an MBA in marketing management, he has been involved in online marketing since 1998. He regularly speaks at conferences throughout Australia and Internationally & is well known & highly regarded for his facilitation & coaching on business relationship building & strategy development.

Vanessa Trower

Vanessa is the GWA Group Learning Manager.  She has more than 15 years in the learning industry working at the intersection of corporate L&D, Instructional Design and Learning Technologies for global companies.  This year she was awarded Learning Professional of the Year, the Institute of (APILP) Learning and Performance and 2021 finalist for Established Woman in Leadership with the Leadership Institute.

Some of you may know Vanessa from her active voice in the learning community, on LinkedIn and her volunteer contributions that aims to support others to flourish and shape a positive future.

Bill Jarrard

Bill Jarrard, Mindwerx International MEI, CLF, ILPF.
As co-founder of Mindwerx Bill has worked with organisations in more than a dozen countries to help them succeed with Critical & Creative Thinking to Make Innovation Happen. With a Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation he also lectured on creativity and innovation at universities in Australia, Israel, Asia and the USA. A Certified Learning Facilitator and Fellow of the Institute for Learning & Performance he is considered a thought leader in his field, and received the ILP 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award. Bill’s primary purpose is working with others is to help them Think, Learn, and Innovate better. 

Chris Burton

Chris has worked tirelessly as a learning & development professional and behavioural scientist for over 25 years. A passionate corporate educator with an extensive background in consulting and facilitating, Chris has worked with thousands of learners in hundreds of organisations in Australia and internationally. Chris’s focus is on culture and organisational dynamics and he has devoted his career to helping teams and leaders improve their performance through understanding how differences in the workplace impact operational effectiveness. A highly skilled and empathetic coach, consultant, facilitator and trainer, Chris has decades of experience to share.

Joshua Knight

Joshua is the TEDx OneMinuteTalk 2016 Winner, for his talk on temperament and redefining our approach with children. 
An award winning, internationally recognised Certified Learning Facilitator with global experience and expertise in Behavioural & Emotional Analysis, Behavioural Change and Business Transformation. 

Joshua brings over 25 years of that experience facilitating results through Change Management, Process Consulting, and Organisational Development within White Collar, Blue Collar, Government, and Not for Profit sectors.
Joshua is the second term National President of the Australian Association of Psychological Type, a Fellow and National Advisor with the Institute for Learning & Performance, author and designer of the world first Certified Learning Organisation assessment, and a featured Keynote Speaker and Facilitator at industry conferences. 

Matthew Mason

Matthew is the Chief Learning Architect at Superb Learning, a digital learning agency. He is a multi-award winning learning designer with over 20 years experience working with training organisations, corporates and government departments.

Matthew’s focus is on helping people share their knowledge to create impact through superb learning experiences. He works on building designs that move beyond ‘click next, next, yawn…’ and ‘one and done’ learning events., to a more campaign-based approach to learning.

Matthew has been recognised as a Certified Learning Professional (CLP) Master Facilitator and a Certified Online Learning Facilitator (COLF).