Partnering with ILP provides organisations with quality exposure to an audience of learning and development practitioners working throughout Asia Pacific. We are building relationships with three types of partners - Learning Partners, Supporting Partners, and Sponsoring Partners. All monies received from partners and sponsors by ILP are used effectively in directly facilitating positive and sustainable impact for our members, learners and organisations and positively influence the learning industry.

We bring members, corporate partners and industry bodies together to set the standards and raise the bar for learning and performance.

Partnering with ILP raises the profile of individuals, organisations, and suppliers. Our approach is to understand you and your goals to create a relationship that provides you, our members, and ILP with real benefits. For Sponsoring Partners a range of opportunities are available to promote your products and services, while also demonstrating your company’s interest in and commitment to learning and development industry.

Details of the partnering opportunities available are outlined in the Partnership Prospectus below. Further information on packaging options and discounts available are also outlined for each partnership type. And of course ILP would be pleased to consider any other initiatives that would benefit your organisation and our membership base.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Learning Partners
  • Supporting Partners
  • Sponsoring Partners
  • L&D Masterclasses
  • L&D Capability Showcase
ILP Partner Prospectus

For further information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact our ILP Team on 1300 768660 or