Strategy & Planning

Whether facilitating a concept with stakeholders, learning programs require detailed planning to ensure priorities, resources and activities are undertaken in a purposeful way to ensure a successful outcome. This capability may present itself as a simple outline or plan relating to a learning and development activity; at its most advanced, a learning and development strategy that considers long-term learning priorities, outlines the impact of the learning on all stakeholder groups, including learners.

3 Capabilities

9 Behaviours

Stakeholder Engagement

Develop a stakeholder engagement plan that outlines methods of engagement, key actions, approach to risk management and performance framework. The strategy will involve people who have influence, or will be affected by the learning initiative being delivered.

Facilitates expectations to maintain relationships with stakeholders

Creates and monitors communication plan, in consultation with stakeholders, including opportunities to provide feedback

Seeks success criteria from stakeholders and uses these to monitor the risks and successes of the program

Project Planning

Organise key activities to ensure the successful delivery of the learning program; and develop this in consideration of 'broader organisational and stakeholder requirements’.

Applies and monitors project management tools and approaches

Shares project plans with key stakeholders, monitors progress, and provides regular updates

Develops and monitors a detailed project plan, including activities, milestones, timelines, resources, logistics, measurements and communications

Learning Transfer Strategies

Create strategies to support the application of the learning to ensure stakeholder expectations and learning outcomes are achieved.

Develops and monitors a learning transfer support strategy that addresses the drivers of workplace performance

Translates learning strategies into operational and actionable goals and monitors their progress

Develops and monitors individual learning application plans for learners and works with stakeholders to ensure learners are supported